Matthew 25 Verses 14 Ė 30


The kingdom of heaven will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property.




We are all equal in the sight of God - but not equal in ability.


Parable of the talents committed to three servants implies we are in a state of work and business. Parable shows necessity of actual diligence in our present work and service.

The Master is Christ - the servants are Christians - His own servants.


The trust committed to these servants


Their master delivered to them his goods having appointed them to work. Christ's servants have and receive their all from HIM. Our receiving from Christ is in order that we work for Him. Whatever we receive we must use.

Two servants did well - diligent and faithful they went and traded. Immediately applied themselves to their business - the third servant did badly.

Those that have so much work to do as every Christian has need to set about it quickly, and lose no time. A true Christian is a spiritual tradesman. A tradesman is one who having made his choice, and taken pains to learn it, makes it his business to follow it and makes all other matters bend to it and lived upon the gain of it. Two servants doubled their stock. Great deal to be had by industry in religion.


Those who have least to do for God frequently do least of what they have to do.


Some make it an excuse - I'm not very talented ask somebody else. One talent to take care of but they neglect the one. He dug in the earth and hid the talent.

†Money is like manure - good for nothing in the heap but it must be spread - must be used. He hid his Lord's money.


The more we do for God, the more we are indebted to Him for making use of us.

Godís good stewards have something to show for their diligence.

Show me thy faith by thy works (James 3 v 13)

According to our faithfulness sincerity Ė not our success.

He that is careless in Godís work is near akin to him that is busy in the devilís work.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Omissions are sins Ė ought to have done but havenít.

Itís not manís talent that matters but how he uses it Ė use to full abilities he does possess.

Men are not equal in talent but can be equal in effort.


According to our labour not our success is the way God rewards. Good, thou good and faithful servant. ††