Theme Text Gospel of John Chapter 1 Verse 11

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.


This phrase is part of that great chapter which speaks of Jesus Christ coming into this world. John reminds us that Jesus existed with God before entering our world, and that when the time was right he appeared among men. No one can explain the wonder of the way which God took to prepare a way of salvation for lost mankind. Now, you would have thought that the children of men would have accepted Christ joyfully but that did not happen. He was despised and rejected by men.


Rejection of course brings consequences..

†Daniel 6

Daniel refused to obey Darius decree - worship King only - continued to worship his God - consequence - lionís den


Daniel 3 (18)

Shadrach, Meshach. Abednego refused to worship Nebuchadnezzerís golden image - consequence - fiery furnace


1 King 21 (15)

Naboth refused to sell his inheritance / vineyard to King Ahab - consequence - stoned to death


Hebrews 11 (24)

Moses refused to be called son of Pharoahís daughter.


Rejection meant severe consequences.


The rejection of Christ also brings consequences. When we choose Barabas instead of Jesus. When we say we will not have this man reign over us,

†I would like to say that if you refuse to accept Christ you reject the only one who knows Of the depth of manís need

Not his wants - they change and increase - but manís needs.

Manís greatest need is life. Not just an existence but a life of quality and meaning. Jesus said ďI came that they might have life and that in all its fullness.

Manís wants change and increase His needs are ever the same. Christ sailed around people like a boat around an island and landed on the problem.


1st Epistle of John 5 Verse 12 reminds us that He who has the Son ( Jesus Christ ) has life. In order to live the life more abundantly you need three things


Light - Christ gives light - Spiritual light. The people Isaiah said who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Christ is the light of the World.


Secondly you need hope - Christ is the only hope of mankind.


Thirdly Salvation - Matthew 1 Verse 21 You shall call his name Jesus, he shall save his people.


And as we are reminded in the Book of Acts There is no Salvation in any other. Thatís what makes Christianity so unique. Rejection of Christ means saying no to the only one.


Who can safeguard manís desires. Desire for freedom - Jesus sets the captive free - free from fear, worry and sin. Desire for adventure - Christianity is the great adventure. Rejection of Christ means saying no to the only one who can


Exalt manís aims and purposes Man in his natural fallen state is always being pulled downward - to the sinful, the polluted Christ is the only one who can exalt mankind to the pure, the beautiful the good and divine. Jesus said ďwithout me you can do nothing but with me - all things are possible.Ē


Accept Christ and begin the life more abundant.